Professional Martial Arts Clubs in Arklow and Bray

Eagle Martial Arts (EMA) was founded in 2007 by Julie Mc Hale a 4th Dan Black Belt.
Julie has been involved in martial arts since 1989. Studying a wide range of styles under different organizations, Julie implemented a unique style and syllabus which incorporates kickboxing, karate, self-defence and fitness resulting in Eagle Martial Arts.

The aim of Eagle Martial Arts is to provide students with a positive personal experience of our unique style of martial arts training and to attain real excellence in providing students with inspiration and motivation.

Eagle Martial Arts has prided themselves on providing a superior syllabus and training system that pin points numerous disciplines while also tailoring the structure to allow for all ages and levels to learn and enjoy the sport. We offer a friendly, fun and professional atmosphere where students can excel in martial arts and fitness while developing a more positive and healthier lifestyle.

Take the step to a whole new way of life.
Eagle Martial Arts looks forward to working with you.
Full time professional Clubs open in Arklow and Bray.

Children’s Martial Arts

Martial Arts begins and ends with respect. We develop your child’s awareness and skills in different areas. Our aim is to enhance students mental awareness and self-defence skills. Your child will develop a strong foundation of self-discipline, self esteem and respect that can be transferred to his or her academics and social activities.

Adults Kickboxing

Kickboxing provides an excellent workout. Our syllabus includes student assessments and belt ranking system. Classes consist of warm-up, stretching, basic techniques, pad-work, bag-work, punching and kicking combinations. The programme consists of light-contact and full contact kickboxing.